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welcome to no lie's album/ep rating site!

note: i stole this idea and some of the code from

Abandon the Flesh
abandon the flesh (2021) - 7.5/10, nice short jungle/dnb record, ethereal and tokyofruit are still my favorite songs
Rooster Debut
rooster debut (2022) - 9.5/10, its everything an ep should be: consice, expiremental, new, well executed. genuinly tear-jerking at times
Diamond Eyes
diamond eyes (2010) - 9/10, great nu metal record, beauty school has me floating, i have to relisten soon
caves (2013) - 8.5/10, trickle trickle goes the ice, trickle trickle goes the snow
cyberia lyr1+2=3 (2020) - 8/10, three great electronic tracks from sewerslvt, track 3 is prob my favorite
agaki home radio (2020) - 8/10, love the combination of jungle with lofi and vaporwave, smooth transitions
Haunted Nation
haunted nation (2023) - 8/10, deep fried sosa, real haunted mound